About the Movement

Access to high quality early learning is about realizing the American Dream—ingrained in our values of equity of opportunity. In this election season, it’s easy for candidates to kiss the babies – but we want to know they will invest in them too. All young children deserve a chance to start school ready to reach their full potential, and we must collectively build the political muscle to ensure that all candidates embrace early learning as a campaign “must.”

Early Ed for President is the beginning of this electoral advocacy effort, which starts with the 2016 Presidential race. Powered by NAEYC, funded by the $16 for 16 campaign, and open to all individuals and organizations across the country, this non-partisan, 501(c)3 initiative is dedicated to: (1) elevating the conversation around early childhood education and educators; and (2) building skills and capacities to help early childhood educators become increasingly comfortable and effective in their electoral advocacy efforts. With a dual-track focus that encompasses a national social media campaign and targeted work in battleground states, Early Ed for President will keep advocates engaged and updated; mobilize social media networks to amplify early learning messages and support state and local efforts to expand activities, from phone banking to voter registration to rallies and more.

Guided by the compelling body of research and science about what children need, we believe that every candidate can share a vision for our country in which all young children learn, thrive and reach their full potential. We believe that every candidate should be able to articulate his or her ideas and plans for making this vision a reality; and we believe that those ideas and plans, different as they may be, must demonstrate how the candidate, if elected, would expand opportunity, support excellence and value early childhood educators.

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